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I am an aspiring journalist, seeking an outlet for the jumbled mass of tech trivia in my mind.
I am trying to rekindle my interest and enthusiasm with technology and the world it effects.

I have been into technology from an early childhood exposure to science fiction, and watching far too many Star Trek reruns.
Professionaly I have worked in many technical support roles, and have been involved with computer users support groups for many years.

My current goals at Newsvine is to help build the reputation of the site as a bridge between the valued traditions of
older media; and the richness, flexibility and speed of online news resources.

My primary interests are the Tech, Science, and Business categories. But I often find myself taken in by Politics, Entertainment and Odd News.

I strive not to define myself, but to present an objective (and impersonal) view to the world around me.


News above, anaylsis below.
(When you seed an article, try to seperate your own opinions from objectively reporting the facts as given.
It keeps the description relevant to the linked story, and provides a more even field for discussion).

Pasts Descriptions:

"beware the ides of march" - March 2006.

You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.
Zig Ziglar, "Secrets of Closing the Sale", 1984

Favorite Quotes:

"If you rely on science to disbelieve in God then you're abusing science.
Similarly, if you rely on ignoring science in order to believe in God, then you're abusing faith." -- Adam Kemp.

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